Cheyenne Doss

Certified Ergonomics Specialist

Cheyenne R. Doss graduated with a BA in Graphic Design in 1993. After 18 years of freelance graphic design, she suffered from a debilitating career loss due to overusing the computer, keyboard, mouse, and simply being uninformed of the damaging effects these repetitive motions had on her muscles and tendons. As a result, she certified in Computer Ergonomics and researched extensively to gather the key information about a condition called computer-related Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that occurs from overusing the hands and arms to perform repetitive tasks such as typing, writing, or clicking and moving a mouse. Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis should be informed about RSI. Today we are seeing an epidemic of injuries to the hands, arms, and shoulders. The countless and ceaseless repetition of keystrokes and the clicking and dragging of the mouse and other pointing devices, accumulates damage to the body. This can happen with stress, fatigue, force, and  job demands, which can result in career loss. It is Cheyenne’s wish to inform and educate as many people as she can about these effects and to provide solutions to maintain the longevity of health in and out of the workplace.

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