Hi my name is Chase Reiner, I am highly knowledgeable about SEO, social media marketing, and increasing online presence through various techniques and methods. I absolutely love teaching and decided to become a Udemy instructor to provide students with valuable information that will assist lead generation via online marketing strategies. I have spent countless hours figuring out how to increase online presence. Therefor I provide my courses to help save you time so you don't have to learn a lot of unnecessary things like I did. Whether you are new to the world of SEO or are advanced in the field, my courses are for you. I strive to create up to date information on what does and doesn't work in the fast moving world of SEO and related topics. Furthermore, I have a wide variety of clients that I help with lead generation and online marketing strategies.


I currently rank number one for SEO Santa Barbara organically. As well as many other keywords.

I get thousands of organic visits to my website per month.

I participate in large Google plus communities where I help answer people's questions about SEO.

I help many clients with their SEO and actually get them results.

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