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I have been an avid couponer for over 5 years. I have taught many online and one on one classes about couponing, saving my students thousands of dollars. I expanded my knowledge from traditional couponing to coupling in every facet of life. I have sold hundreds of couponing ebooks on my findings and intend to change them into video based courses to reflect the changing preferences in technology.

Saving over $75,000 since 2010, Thrifty & Thriving (T&T) is the brain child of Chary Williams. What started as a need to pinch pennies wherever she could, T&T turned into a lifestyle. T&T has found savings everywhere from food,clothing and household items to vacations and travel. Saving so much money has inspired T&T's passion of spreading tips and savings found along the way. It is T&T's wish that everyone would find and enjoy those savings as often as possible.

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