Charlotte Purvis

Speaker & Consultant |

April 26, 2017

Hello from North Carolina. If you checked here previously, you found a detailed bio. What you'll find now is more information about how the idea for Conquering Critical Conversations came about. (My bio is on my website and available for download.)

As you consider this course, I hope you can tell that I am eager to get this information to you. It was through my clients that I learned how critical it is to have critical conversations. These conversations keep people up at night and keep them from moving to higher levels of leadership. 

As a speaker, consultant, and leader, I deliver programs on business communication, presentations, team-building, and leadership. What I have learned from working with clients is that their underlying issue is typically related to a long overdue 1:1 or team conversation. 

Long overdue? Yes. People get stuck, organizations get stuck, and meanwhile productivity lags. Even the most highly accomplished leaders often find it tough to admit that they are not comfortable having a critical conversation about a sticky subject, tough topic, or poor performance. 

That's why I developed this course. Not only is the course available to you, I am here to answer your questions while you are Conquering Critical Conversations. Let's get started.  

Thank you.


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