Charlotte McCrossin

Chiropractic Practice Director

As Clinic Director at N8 Health, Charlotte oversees the smooth running of the practice that she jointly runs with her husband Paul McCrossin who is the principal Chiropractor. Paul McCrossin has 23 years clinical experience as a Chiropractor and established N8 Health in 2000. 

Charlotte worked in the financial services for 16 years before joining forces with husband Paul in 2016. 

Charlotte has been passionate about Chiropractic since she met Paul in 2011 and started getting regularly adjusted. She is living proof that Chiropractic changes lives! She has attended many Chiropractic conferences and is well versed in the many benefits of living a Chiropractic lifestyle. 

Charlotte started to get frustrated when working in a desk job in the financial world that many Chiropractors did not recommend people should sit at desks for long periods of time but felt that she was faced with no choice with the job she was doing. She also noticed that many people she worked with were suffering from aches and pains and did not know that there was an alternative to taking pain killers or just suffering in silence. 

It was through this frustration that Charlotte decided to combine forces using her husband's knowledge as a practitioner, her love of nutrition and experience of working at a desk all day to put together this course to help the many working professionals who are being held back from living their best life by aches and pains and think this is normal. 

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