Chad Deshotel

Life coach, athletic trainer,self improvement enthusiast


You have landed onto the page of Coach Chad. I am an experienced instructor and have fulfilled the role of one on one coaching in the areas of health, business, personal development and athletic training. I have had the privilege of teaching high school special education students and coaching football and track. I was also a track athlete and a conference champion in college. I have had plenty of down falls and set backs over the years. I have managed to live a good life, morally, and I am very proud of that. However, trying hard to do well in life and having the challenges I have had is the driving force that motivated me to seek answers. Why do certain things happen the way they do? How do we connect with our higher self? What is the real secret to success? I searched and searched these answers for years and now I feel that "a light" is showing itself to me, and it is getting brighter. I love helping people to find their "light". I have chosen the internet as one of my platforms. I am delighted to be a Udemy instructor and will strive to reach more and more people and provide them with quality and value that they can incorporate in their lives.

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