Chad Rose

Lecturer Information Technology, Educational Interest

"Learning never ends when you graduate from college. Money should not be your drive, but the friends you make along the way when you live life" 

This is a quote I live by. For more than 20 years, I have made my journey from college and working a success once I learned the art of friendship. Making the right friends, will help encourage you along the way, will make your journey a positive one. Building a road to success will allow you to reach any goals you set you mind to.

I graduate with an Associates in Science degree in Information Technology, but I have taken other courses to learn from and will plan on making lessons from what I have learned during my years in college.

I am working right now on my Bachelors in Information Technology as we speak. With a background of working in a Doctor's office, taking care of their database, to a law office working on filing and packing away cases of paperwork, to helping seniors with buying computers and setting them up at home. There is nothing that brings me more joy then seeing friends light up with excitement and saying thank you for helping them.

I hope that I can help you on this journey in your life as we learn together the online courses that I will be teaching you. The courses that I am planning out for you, will be easy to follow and allow you to succeed in the choices you made by choosing my courses.

See you all real soon and it is my pleasure to serve you by teaching the courses that I am planning for the future.

Courses that Chad Rose is enrolled in