Cerkez Lena

Business Services & Consulting

Mr. Cerkez Lena is an accounting and business professional currently working as the head of accounting for an aviation business company in Anchorage, Alaska. In addition, he is the owner of a small business offering accounting services payroll services, consulting, and one-on-one QuickBooks lessons to small business entrepreneurs in Anchorage, Alaska. He received his associate’s degree in computerized accounting in 2005, his bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2012, and is currently working on receiving his master's degree in business administration from Alaska Pacific University

During his career he has had many worthy accomplishments in working side by side with business owners by implementing many required systems to support growth, automation of manual services, strategic planning, and instituting cost savings measures. His future goal is to grow his small business into a recognized brand by offering great customer services, on time business support, as well as to increase the line of services offered to current clients and future.

Mr. Lena has used QuickBooks for the last 8 years, and teaching one-on-one courses for the last 4 years. His unique teaching style places great emphasis on learning only the most basic functions of QuickBooks needed to run and maintain control over your business.

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