Wade Brill & Kellye Kuh

Centered in the City Coaches and Meditation Instructors

Wade Brill and Kellye Kuh are Certified Professional coaches, Energy Leadership Master Practitioners, and co-founders of Centered in the City. Collectively they have been coaching and teaching for 10 years and specialize in helping busy professionals begin their meditation practices to help them stay centered.

We have hosted 75+ in-person Centered in the City workshops, coaching 400+ professionals in Seattle and New York City around mindfulness, self-development, and community. We are also mentees of the Lotus Institute, a Mindfulness School which promotes the teachings of Thich Nacht Hanh.

Wade Brill is a lifestyle coach, Pilates instructor and mindfulness-based meditation practitioner. Wade survived cancer at the age of twenty-one years old and turned her life experiences into nuggets of wisdom.  Life is short and that is why Wade is passionate about helping others take care of themselves from the inside out. Wade works with Millennial women who want to make themselves a priority in their life. She is enthusiastic about helping people wake up to think about what they feed themselves, how they treat themselves, the way they move their body and the dreams they want to create.

Kellye Kuh is career+spirituality coach and counseling psychology and theology graduate student. Kellye left her glamorous corporate career in technology (Microsoft, Amazon) to pursue her soul-fulfilling desires as a coach, teacher, and therapist. She specializes in coaching success-driven professionals to find meaningful work and connect spiritually to their careers, as well as the rest of their lives. Additionally she works as a Counseling Intern at Valley Cities Mental Health in Renton, Washington.

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