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Teaching People How to Be Safe and Secure Online

Who We Are

At Think Cyber Secure, our mission is to help individuals stay safe and secure online. When we're at work, there are teams of people dedicated to watching out for us. Once at home and left to our own devices, the task can be overwhelming, especially with new technology being introduced at break neck speeds.

With the news headlines of ransomeware affecting thousands of people, passwords being stolen and other personal security risks becoming ever more frequent, the question "am I secure online?" is becoming a difficult question to answer. Let us help you!

Your Instructor

Our primary instructor, Derek, has over four years experience in both information and operational security. Not only as a consultant, but also as a researcher, he is at the forefront of many of the cyber security issues of today. He has created multiple cyber security awareness and education programs in his professional career ranging from using strong passwords, to phishing, to detecting scammers. He has also been successful in tailoring this training for many audiences, including office workers, critical infrastructure engineers and non-technical staff. All of which have been well received by many.

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