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Movie Making requires a team. There are three of us on the MakinMovies team, each with complementary skills and experience. We will each appear in the courses to give you a perspective on how a team works together to achieve a particular movie-making goal. We are:

Julian Darley, writer/ director
Julian began his film career at the National Film School. His first production company, Blue Chip Productions started in 1983. It made industrial and educational films and music videos, most notably Mel and Kim’s FLM.

Julian went to Hollywood in 1988 as a script doctor on feature films such as The Heist (with Pierce Brosnan). He then went on to work for story guru Robert McKee and collaborated with Lawrence Bender (Tarantino’s producer) on a number of ultra-low budget films such as Nancy Reagan’s Out Of A Job. In the 1990s, Julian pursued an academic career gaining two masters degrees. In North America, starting in 2001, Julian built the system and created the content for one of the world’s first Internet broadcasting stations.
In the last five years, Julian has written over 20 movie projects. Julian is a member of Directors UK.

Alan Marques, Animator and VFX Supervisor
Alan Marques is a VFX Supervisor with thirty years experience with visual effects for cinema, computer graphics and digital post production. He is an avid technophile, constantly working with the latest technologies in visual effects and digital post-production tools.

Celine Rich, Producer/ story development
Celine Rich is a founder of Mysterious Movies and Cardora Moviecards. She manages the production aspects of the projects and is involved in story development.
Celine Rich is a member of Women in Film and Television UK.

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