Celeste Galizia

Lifehacker, Entrepreneur, Storywriter, Investor, Freelancer

Hi, my name’s Celeste Galizia. There are really many words I could describe myself with, but I think none of them would describe me better than “curious”. Since I was a children, I’ve always been curious and passionate about the world, about learning and discovering all of his little secrets. Every year, my Christmas list was full of books and those scientific experiment kits for kids. During years, this never changed. My curiosity and passion about the world and the mechanisms behind it stayed the same, but when I got into high school, there is when the frustration began.

Since the very first years of high school, I found many obstacles facing scientific fields, but it was also a more general thing. I just couldn’t stay focused for more than 5 minutes, or I started procrastinate, and I ended up spending most of my days with my head stuck in the books, without even being able to remember one single thing at the end of the day.

This is why when I finally found a solution, I didn’t want it to be my “secret”, I wanted it to be of public domain. This is how “Master learning and memorization - Less, but smart -” was born.

After finally fulfilling my true potential, I felt the power of  learning anything I wanted. I started with new languages, then I developed new skills, like investment and portfolio management, and my investments helped me save some money, that I spent in traveling and more learning. This is where I realized how powerful your mind can really be, and how easily you can achieve your goals if you are really passionate about what you do. Currently, I’m teaching courses online, because, like Maya Angelou said, “If you get, give. If you learn, teach”.

I’m still learning, everyday, and I will never stop doing it, but as I learn, I teach.  And this is why I’m such glad to be teaching online through Udemy.

My strategy:

I think that not only what you do, but the way you do it, is really important. That’s why I started making online courses my way. I didn’t want to just sit down, talk and film myself saying a bunch of stuff, I wanted more. So, I chose animated videos.

Let me explain why:

  • They’re easy to understand

  • They will keep you focused as you follow along

  • Images are easier to remember (research has shown that we remember visual images much easier and better than words)

  • They will look like a cartoon (and make you go back to your younger years!)

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