Cecilia Yeung

Pianist, Piano and Musicianship Teacher

Cecilia graduated from the University of New South Wales and gained qualifications in music and music education. Qualified as a classroom music teacher, she has experience teaching all ages and abilities in group settings in Australia and United Kingdom. She also has experience teaching piano from elementary to advanced levels and prepared students for practical and theory examinations. She is also an advanced flute player.

Over the years, Cecilia has gained knowledge and understanding of pedagogical approaches to teaching her students. During her stay in the United Kingdom, she discovered the Kodály concept of music education, which transformed her teaching and learning of music. Since then, she strongly advocates for the importance of sound before symbol in learning music and the development of musicianship skills in order to become a rounded musician.

Cecilia has completed the Professional Certificate in Kodály Concept of Music Education from the University of Roehampton and Certificate of Piano Teachers’ Course (European Piano Teachers Association), She is combining her skills to help many students improve their musicianship and play their instruments with clear understanding.

Courses that Cecilia Yeung is enrolled in