Toan Nguyen

Globally Recognized Entrepreneurs & Transformational Trainer

At a young age of 16 years old, Toan was introduced to entrepreneurship when he realized traditional school wasn't working for him. He has been mentored by multimillionaires and was taught to understand that in this rapidly changing and progressing world, relying on the "industrial" mentality was obsolete. He engulfed himself in personal studies to help himself understand and recognize the changes and how he could take advantage of the progressions of this world.

Toan started his first business from home at the age 18. Through many trials, failures, and mistakes, he started generating a six figure income at 24 years old and went off to earn over a million dollars in the next several years before he turned 30. Toan and his wife are now serial entrepreneurs. They have broaden their field by not only mastering direct sales but they have become real estate investors, owning properties all across Orange County, CA. They also have their hands in other business ventures that allow them the flexibility of being stay-at-home parents to their 2 little ones, Madelynn and Dominic.

With the success they have been able to create in a 13 year span of entrepreneurship, they were able to become self made millionaires. Toan is an ideal candidate to share with you all of his experiences and the do's and don'ts in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Their most recent business venture, they took the business from 0 to now generating over 4 million dollars in annual sales a year in less that 4 years.

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