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Learning can be inspiring. At Inspirational Courses, we make sure that it is. We have made it our mission to inspire people to improve their daily lives by sharing ideas and experiences through online courses.

In an effort to create a focus major areas of our life and business, we teach courses on topics such as creativity, productivity, and time management. We will continually be adding courses, each of which you’ll find as inspiring as the last.

One of our first course offerings Udemy was called "How To Say No." The course began as a book and it has become so popular in print that we decided we needed to share it with more people. Now, more people can get the important message. The course teaches you how to say no while still maintaining healthy relationships and keeping your confidence high. You can learn to say no without suffering any blow to your reputation and, in fact, you’ll see some improvements in your own happiness and self-esteem. That’s just one example of our offerings, though – there are plenty more and it’s an ever-growing list of self-improvement and business topics.

The thing is, we realize that not everyone naturally possesses all of the traits to be a smashing success in life and business. You might be good with creativity, but could use a little help with organization. You might be great at networking but have difficulty saying no. That’s why we do what we do – to help you be the best you can be, at work and at home.

Our courses are designed by Jonas Stark and Can Akdeniz, best-selling authors. Can Akdeniz maintains a highly trafficked business blog and churns out a study stream of well-received books about business, self-improvement, and politics.

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to email us for additional information.

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