Catarina Teixeira

Co-founder of Pandalore

Hi! My name is Catarina, but you can call me Cat. I am an engineering student very passionate about technology and arts. I believe that amazing things can happen when science meets art and that is exactly what drives me in my projects.

I find the Japanese culture fascinating. My first contact with it was ten years ago via the ancient art of paper folding, what you probably know as Origami. What I mostly like about it is that from a single piece of paper you can create fantastic artistic forms. Origamis can be used for a series of purposes. I love giving hand-made gifts to people close to me, and Origami suit as a great opportunity to express your love to others with something you had made yourself. They can also be used to add your personal touch to almost everything. I have my room decorated with bottled lucky starts, and it looks amazing, trust me!

I remember that when I was a beginner I found particularly difficult to follow book instructions. Nowadays, things are very different. There are so many places you can go to learn new stuff. I think knowledge is to be shared and I've decided teaching through Udemy because it offers me the possibility of creating amazing content in a coherent way. I will guide you visually through each step, making it easy and fun to practice the beautiful art of Origami.

I love learning new things, what about you? Are you ready to join me in this adventure?

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