Carol Barash

Princeton PhD, Writing Expert, Story To College CEO

Carol Barash, PhD is a former English professor on a mission to teach students how to improve their writing and connect through storytelling. “Neuroscience confirms what we know intuitively: sharing information with others in the form of a story builds lasting connections that people remember.”

A former Admissions Committee reviewer with over 25 years of experience interviewing applicants for Ivy League schools, Carol believes that telling your story well is both an art and a science – and that storytelling holds the key to success. As a faculty member at Douglass College, Rutgers, Carol reviewed thousands of applications for admission. “Once we were certain that the person was academically qualified for Douglass, we looked for people who contribute to the community. So often the personal essay was the deciding factor. When you tell your story well, you transition from facts on paper to a unique person in the eyes of an admissions committee. Anytime you bring yourself forward as genuine, authentic, and smart, you are going to connect with others.”

In 2010, Carol founded Story To College to teach students tools they can use to write compelling college application essays and to improve their writing and public speaking skills from classroom assignments to personal and business communication. Story To College has served over 5600 students from New York and around the world. Students come to Story To College from all walks of life – from private, charter schools and public schools, from AP classrooms to programs serving students with learning disabilities and economic challenges. Program participants have reported improved grades, higher SAT writing scores, as well as getting into more colleges with more merit scholarships than their peers.

Carol brings to her work a BA from Yale, an MA from the University of Virginia, and a PhD in English from Princeton. Carol's book Write Out Loud: 12 Tools To Tell your Story and get into a Great College will be published in July.