Carmen Miletta Cossa

Founder & Managing Director at EatResponsible

Carmen Miletta Cossa was born in Crotone, Italy, in 1985 where she grew up in her family farm, practicing sustainable agriculture.

She moved to Rome where she graduated in Italian literature and marketing at the University of Rome. There, she also worked in small food businesses.

She moved then to the UK, where she learnt the best practices of sustainable farming. In 2011, she moved to Amsterdam where she improved her professional cooking experience and management of small food businesses.

She holds different specializations related to Sustainability and the Food industry. The first one is in Agriculture, People and Food Security by the University of Reading, England (UK). Furthermore she holds the specialization on Nutrition and Well-Being by the University of Aberdeen, Scotland (UK) and the specialization on Global Food security challenge by Lancaster University, England (UK).

She has been awarded with the professional patisserie award by the Cooking school "ConGusto" (Italy).

She is the founder and Managing Director of EatResponsible, company based in Amsterdam. EatResponsible supports the food industry to improve the impact of their operations on the environment and their communities. The company gives advice that combine financial, ethical and environmental performance of the production at the same time. EatResponsible also supports consumers to achieve a better awareness of the food industry. This allows them to take informed and responsible decisions, which trigger a positive change in the industry.

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