Carla Sulzer

B.S., M.S., Exercise / Fitness - Certified Personal Trainer

Well, … about 1977-as a child I was called porky and fatso, but I was really more stocky than fat. However, when I was a freshman in high school I decided to lose twenty pounds and joined Elaine Powers and began working out at home every morning listening to the Rocky (Movie) soundtrack. I did not know anything about nutrition, but I measured my food and cut out ALL sweets, ate 3x/day and did not eat after 6pm. It took me a year, but I reached my goal and I have never gained the weight back. From that start at Elaine Powers, the management asked me to teach for them and it sparked my interest to get certified and I began learning about weight lifting and I have continued to research, learn and grow in my knowledge of nutrition and training for the last 35 years.


Passionate Fitness Professional with 35 years of experience
• Recipient of the “1st Place” Trophy in the Novice Division at the St. Louis Naturals Body Building Competition, 2010
• Poster Presenter at the 2012 Central States Regional ACSM conference, presenting my undergraduate research project, “Effect of Concurrent Training on the Octane Trainer Versus Traditional Cardiovascular Training”
• Master’s research project, “Effect of FITpas on Identifying Percentages of Resting Metabolic Rate for Varying Lifestyles and Motivation Factors” I will be presenting at the NSCA clinic, May 2013
• Proven success with clients attaining their goals