Cara Grandle

Author, Encourager, Teacher and Life Coach

Cara has taught at the American Christian Fiction Writers online-conference.

She is a Historical Christian Romance Novelist who prefers to write about the early settlers of the Pacific Northwest. Cara is agented by Karen Ball of the Steve Laube Agency and she leads the author4TheAuthor group on Facebook, home to 168 creatives. Cara hosts a Writers Encouragement Show weekly on Periscope where she has and average live-audience of 60 people and following of 685 people. Cara's Periscope show includes live, interactive author/editor/publicist-interviews with leading Christian fiction names such as Katherine Reay, Jeanne Wynn, Kate Breslin, Roseanna White, James L. Rubart.

Cara has used her experience and her contacts to participate in and oversee many stay-at-home writers retreats.

Cara is on her publication journey. Her books will go out on proposal to the top Christian publishing houses early 2017. She has been writing "seriously" since 2013, and not so seriously since 2003. She is a happily married mother with five children. She has layers of experience as a teacher and coach.

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