Candi Jeter

Adult Educator and Life Guide

Candi is a skilled astrologer and life coach with the ability to help students and clients clearly understand their birth chart. Her style ensures that anyone is immediately able to improve their relationships and gain clarity in their purpose after taking her classes.

Candi is also an author, speaker, licensed cosmetologist & make-up artist. She has a bachelors degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina and a masters Degree in Adult learning and Higher Education North Carolina A&T State University.

Candi is knowledgeable and passionate about relationships, network marketing, entrepreneurship, personality development, writing, spiritual growth, health and beauty.

Astrology has allowed her to blend all of her gifts and talents together to assist her students and clients in many areas of their lives.

Candi's style of astrology is very different. Because she is an Educational Specialist she is able to present astrology in a way that anyone can understand it, especially if they don't know astrology. Her goal is to teach those willing to learn how to use astrology as a personal and professional development tool and not some hidden system reserved for mystics.

The areas astrology is able to assist are: Self, money, mind, inner-self, romance, health, partnerships, transformation, spiritual development, business, networking, transcendence and much more.

She encourages you to click, learn and change. Go ahead! Take a class today!