Cameron M. Thompson, MA

Moral Psychology Expert & Leadership Consultant

The Sherlock Holmes of helping people chart the path to excellence.

I am an educational revolutionary, a consulting formator, entrepreneur, linguist, and amateur viticulturist. I have taught high school and college students in traditional, online/e-learning, and blended formats, and I have delved deeply into the research of psychology and philosophy to develop a systematic practical approach to Human Formation - the Psychology of Character and Personal Development.

My specialty is training leaders to develop greater authenticity and the core strengths of virtuous leadership. I am consulting currently with several educational institutions to help them implement programs and curricula that form students to become men and women of character, leaders of integrity and wisdom. I also help individuals like you to cultivate better relationships and habits in your personal and professional life.

My wife and I started our first business in 2013. Acropolis Scholars, LLC aims at helping people cultivate the Art of Learning and the Art of Living. As co-director of the organization, I oversee tutoring, foreign language training, consulting, and workshops on leadership & character development.

I have lived in Italy on two occasions, led a pilgrimage on foot to Santiago de Compostela, and relied on my skill in Spanish to help me survive a near-fatal illness while travelling through the Andes in Peru. I have spent 18+ years of experience studying and developing methods of rapid language acquisition, and became fluent in Scottish Gaelic at age 13 (self-taught). I am currently conversant in Italian and Spanish, have a reading knowledge of French and Latin, have a basic competency in Classical Greek, and have recently begun dabbling in Arabic.

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