Calvin Edwards

Expert on social control

I am the world's only expert on the controlled use of alcohol and drugs.

If you're going to use alcohol or any drug I will help you learn how to use it correctly..

Using social control  I will help you learn how to keep any alcohol or drug use social.

I  became an expert on  controlled use by researching controlled use very carefully in the middle 1980s.

I have always been disturbed by the lives derailed by substance use. 

I wrote the planned book "End and Avoid Addiction" in 1985 while in college.

I later developed the book into clear instructions to help you learn how to use alcohol or any drug correctly..

By using and living these principles and skills you'll be able to easily imitate the success I and others have achieved.

I have made instructions free for all by embedding instructions into the curriculum page. 

*And I will give you my personal observations in each lecture.

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