Caleb Tovera

Illusionist, hypnotist, and entrepreneur

I have studies at Las Positas College and I am working on my psychology major. I am also a hypnotist and illusionist. Derren Brown has been my inspiration to becoming an illusionist and I have imitated many of his tricks that he has been doing for a while in his television shows and his performances. My future career is becoming a hypnotherapist. I have also took an interest in magic tricks and none of my stunts do not involve actual voodoo or mythical powers, and I do not believe any of those things exist. All of the tricks and stunts that are preformed by me are all a mixture of psychology, misdirection, illusion, hypnosis, and showmanship. I am also an entrepreneur who has experience in online marketing, network marketing or MLM, and other traditional buisnesses.

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