Caio Crespo

IT Manager & Freelancer

IT Manager and freelancer

I'm an IT Manager and freelancer. I love technology and how it turned our life better.

As freelancer, I research for new technology that are potentially helpful to us financially, organizationally or even the quality of our lives.

I work as IT manager and already pay services for companies offering new technologies to help in their development.

I appreciate especially jobs where I developed many of my skills.

As a freelancer

After a time working to companies improving the quality they had with applications or any other kind of technology, I decided that I could do much more, and I started as a freelancer.

So I developed websites, mobile apps, and my own pc applications, but after some time I figured how much the power of organizations can do for us.
The amount of activities and of course the quality of service.

Using the technology with the organization, a person can do much more than with any other method.

When younger I used to play with graphics. I improve this skill and today I still look to improvements to my skills as video developer to marketing or presentations.

I trained many persons to develop their capacity to do. And started my researches with time management and its applications for 2 years.
Today I still look to improve it.

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