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Allow me to introduce myself.

Here goes...

My name is Chris Jones, and I run a full time blog which is aimed towards helping people just like you to become and live financially free - breaking through the barriers of the 9-5 grind towards building your own daily, weekly, monthly schedule!

I am also the proud co-owner of three successful Amazon FBA businesses. YES, THREE! I have been running these online businesses for just over 16 months now and have never felt more energised, focused and, most importantly, liberated.

My highest month to date is just over £50,000 (please note, this is sale, not profits,) this amount in previous jobs would of taken me over 3 years to earn. These are not typical results for everyone else, but with hard work, they 100% can be.

I am now just a few short weeks away from being live for 17 months - Don't let these number's result in you thinking this is all profit (profit margins sit around the 35% mark, sometimes higher) sometimes lower depending on the niche and product you are selling in!

I now make regular daily sales of between £700-£1,000 per day, the profit margins on our products range from 30%-40% per sale made

I have a major obsession with helping people live the life they want (this is a healthy obsession, I promise you); on their own terms and not having to answer or report back to anybody else when that someone clicks their fingers at you.

It's time you started making money work hard for you, not the other way around.And this is why I felt inspired to create ZonLife - a concept that goes far beyond the walls of your normal '9-5' job. I wanted to create an online community which excites and educates the online marketplace sellers of today and tomorrow, with an open invite into a forum of shared knowledge and experience that cultivates a shared sense of co-operation that benefits us all out there in the competitive market!

Sound win-win so far? Good, you’re getting the message...

The Freedom Code is something I have developed during my time selling and communicating online, which has three key elements to it:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Wealth

I believe the above are the major ingredients in living the life you want, whether it is a life of happiness, health or wealth, or ideally all three combined!

Basically my ultimate goal in life is to help people chase their dreams and claim the rewards they deserve in the process.

Plain. And. Simple!

Anyway, enough about me and my ambitions...

I'll speak to you more very soon! :)

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