Vikram Narsaria

My name is Vikram Narsaria. I am a guy in my early thirties and when I am not swimming in my goldmines or fighting dangerous aliens, I am a Chartered Accountant, an Excel Enthusiast, a Blogger, an Udemy Instructor and a passionate Digital Marketer.

What made me excel at Excel?

When I became a qualified professional I thought I knew a lot. I’d read dozens of 1000+ pages books and thought I would become a rock-star at work the day I enter the professional world. Little did I know that my first day at work would be a disaster.

I joined a Big 4 Consultancy firm, all very excited, and on the first day itself I realized that I had got it all wrong. Working on MS EXCEL was a very important part of my day-to-day work and I hardly knew the best features that Excel had to offer and any of the keyboard shortcuts which I was expected to be awesome at. Reality struck early for me and I realized that just knowing about your profession was not enough. I needed skills to meet the expectations of the industry. And MS Excel was a core part of this skill-set.

I started to train myself on Excel (I had no choice. I would have been fired if I didn’t do something about it!). I bought eBooks, books, online courses and did everything I could to become good enough in Excel. I realized in this process that there are hardly any resources that can help a student learn MS EXCEL systematically. There were dozens of courses, both face-to-face and online, but none was comprehensive enough to attract my interest. Still, I joined a couple of courses – I had no choice – I had to save my job. Also, I read books on Excel and improved my skills in it.

But, one thing I never found convincing – I always thought that my knowledge of Excel is incomplete. I had developed so much interest in this subject that I found myself going ‘mad’ about it. Becoming a ‘Champion at Excel’ had become a hobby, a passion…an obsession! I will learn everything there is to learn in MS Excel…this I promised myself.

Then I joined my next company, and here I really got to test my skills in Excel. Confidence started to build up as I progressed from knowing nothing to doing supposedly ‘big’ work in Excel. I could now analyze data with a blink of an eye, automate several repetitive tasks on Excel, and make this program work almost the way I wanted it to. I was confident that I now had learned most things that are there to be learned in Excel.

Now, I wanted to teach what I know…and this became my next obsession! This is what I wanted to do (and still do) for the remaining part of my life…and I knew (and still know) I can do this!

Enter MadAboutExcel!

So what is ‘Mad About Excel’?

My mission at MadAboutExcel is to develop comprehensive courses on MS Excel. I am dedicated to developing online courses after attending which a person need not go anywhere else to learn anything related to Excel. I promise to never compromise on quality and be devoted to providing only the best resources and courses!

I'd be making courses on everything in MS Excel - be it something basic such as Excel Shortcuts or something really advanced such as Excel VBA - and everything in between. Stay tuned and you will find all such stuff here.

So enough about it's your turn! No need to fear Excel any more. Learn…and have fun while learning!

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