Sherrie Laryse

Personal Consultant

Sherrie Laryse is a speaker, writer and mentor who lives in Sydney, Australia. 

Sherrie mentors and coaches adults, in a one on one environment, works with the Sister2Sister program to mentor teenagers who have experienced trauma and also sits on the board of Phoebe House, an NGO supporting women on the Opioid Treatment Program. Sherrie lives by the guiding mantra that ‘growth occurs at the border of support and challenge’.

Having studied neuro linguistics, counselling and human behaviour, Sherrie is a Demartini Method® Facilitator under internationally renowned human behavioural specialist, author and speaker, Dr John Demartini.

“Everything I’ve learned, I’ve applied. I come with not only intellectual, learned knowledge, but applied understanding and first-hand experience.  

I have chosen to dedicate my energy to increasing global awareness that, as William James put it, a human being can alter their life by altering their attitudes’.” 

"Sherrie's Eudaimonia program is transformational. Her wisdom, warmth, and ability to ask just the right questions revealed a unique and deeply personal vision that is both grounded and inspiring. Sherrie's approach is unique because it recognises the perfection in the unfolding of who we are - there are no mistakes that need 'fixing', but perceptions and values that need understanding and equilibrating, to free ourselves from what limits us and step into our full potential. I would recommend the program to anyone willing to understand the magnificence of who they are and what they can bring of service into this world."   Bridget Wood