The Business English Academy

Quality Business English courses for job & work success

The Business English Academy is an England based partnership, specialised for business English teaching, and involving state-of-the art technology in the educational process.

Our high-quality E-learning courses help people to learn English for work purposes. The information in our E-courses uses many types of media (audio, video, Powerpoint, assessments) for easier learning.

Our expert team has 7+ years of teaching experience (specialising in Business English for working students, business executives and business English teachers), and several years of experience in the field of creating E-Learning materials.

Living in the centre of the United Kingdom, the teacher's accent is neutral. We are committed to sharing only the most common and relevant real-life examples.

Students who complete our courses: are able to communicate more confidently at work, are able to significantly increase their proficiency, and professional communication. With our help, they can be even more successful.

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