Dr. Burak Yildiz

Ph.D. in Mathematics

I have a PhD degree in mathematics and 6 years of teaching experience at one of the largest universities in the US. I also tutored high school and college students for more than 10 years. At the college level, I taught several lectures including College Algebra, Calculus 1-2-3, Applied Calculus and Differential Equations. I also worked in a supervisory position and advised other instructors on how to improve their teaching methods.

I am aiming to provide guidance for students who are preparing for their exams in their college math courses. I am introducing a set of exam questions that I partially used in my own classes and giving out detailed solutions combined with tips & topic reminders to get you prepared for midterm and final exams.

Your feedback is quite valuable to me. Please tell me if you get stuck somewhere and I will try to improve the videos or provide more questions. I want to make sure you all ace your exams!

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