Bryce Anderson

Founder of Man Skills Academy and Man Camp Molokai

Bryce Anderson is a life-long student of philosophy, self‐improvement, the outdoors and the art of being a man. As former Firefighter/EMT, Personal Trainer and community volunteer, Bryce has always been actively involved in and passionate about helping people.

In 2013, Bryce’s life rapidly took a turn for the worse. Back in 2011, he had be Crohn’s disease. It had never bothered him too much, but one day that all changed. In less than 2 months, he lost his job and his social life because he was in constant pain, his girlfriend, 23 pounds of mass, $10,000’s due to medical bills and the doctor’s did not know what to do. Just about every piece of his identity, especially the characteristics that he considered to be most masculine, were stripped from him.

During those dark days, Bryce deeply considered what it means to truly live, having been confronted by death. He contemplated what it really means to be a man, having been separated from his ego, sense of “self” and his pride.

Bryce vowed that when he got better, he wouldn’t go back to his former life. He had been shown with no uncertainty that his health and life could disappear tomorrow, so he would longer lead an unhealthy, consumeristic, superficial existence today. Instead, he would find a way to make a living pursuing his passion, spending more time outdoors, get back to working with his hands, and helping others. Bryce’s battle with Crohn’s, was the genesis of MANSA and the 30 Day UberMan Challenge.

Man Skills Academy or “MANSA”, is group of men dedicated to becoming better men by reconnecting with nature and getting back to the basics; shooting, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, throwing tomahawks, building, self-defense, being better fathers, sons, brothers and actively striving to become better men.

MANSA, helps men reconnect with nature and rediscover their masculinity while building new friendships, learning new skills and become leaders of men. Bryce believes that gender-role ambiguity in society, technology dependence and men spending 90% of their lives indoors, is causing 21st century men to become self-insufficient, depressed, bored, soft, effeminate and unhealthy.

Through an endless quest for knowledge, working with hundreds of men, ebooks, live events, online courses and Man Camp Molokai, Bryce hopes to build a tribe committed to reversing this growing trend of dissatisfaction, depression, violence, poor health and demasculinization in and of modern men.

Bryce welcomes all men into the MANSA family and looks forward to hiking, hunting, fishing, surfing, pushing the limits, philosophizing and becoming better men, together.

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