Bryan Durkin

An Entrepreneur & 3rd Base Coach - let me get you home

Bryan Durkin has more than 25 years experience in the entrepreneur's lifestyle, both as a business owner as well as a direct sales representative. For more than 10 years his direct clients included the Fortune 100 clients in the New York Metropolitan area and sold many different aspects of I.T. Solutions. In 1999 he founded a Document Management company, which was sold in the 2004, he relocated to Southwest FL. He grew the business from 2 employees to a workforce of more than 25 US and 200 remote associates.

In SW Florida, Bryan continued his passion for the entrepreneurial lifestyle and has dedicated his time and efforts assisting those specifically interested in growing their businesses. His clients include mid-sized clients who sell various products and services to the Fortune 1000 clients and their consumers. He acts as a VP of Sales for several clients currently and works with business owners & entrepreneurs providing tactical sales & marketing advise.

In 2014 Bryan has been diversifying and growing his practice to include the "micropreneur" and startup owner who is looking for proven ways to grow their chosen lines of business. Through online training, seminars and masterminds Bryan will be able to share these proven methods to the SMB owner and sales professional located anywhere on the globe. His first product, StuckOnFirst, will focus on the steps that owners can focus on to grow their top line revenues.

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