Bruno G

Electronic Music Producer, Composer, Sound Designer.

I am a Miami-based electronic music producer, composer and sound designer. I've been writing and producing electronic music for over ten years, having collaborated with several local producers, DJs, TV networks and night clubs. 

I have composed and produced electronic music in virtually every genre of EDM, but since I especialize in downtempo electronica, all of my production courses are pointed in that direction.

My D.A.W of choice is Ableton Live but I also teach FL Studio courses. I make use of a wide variety of soft synths, but in my courses I tend to stick with LennarDigital Sylenth1 for better accessibility.

If you are insterested in composing and producing tracks in the styles of chillout lounge, dub techno, trip hop and electronica, among others, look no further. I'll teach you the key elements that will help you to achieve the downtempo vibe you are looking for.