Mr. Bruce Landry

Enterprise Development Expert

Mr. Landry has over 35 years of experience in software and application development. He has worked for software companies producing commercially-distributed applications; large corporations producing in-house software systems; as well as producing his own independent projects culminating in copy-written applications sold over the Internet and through independent vendors.

An early adopter of the NET Development Framework by Microsoft, Mr. Landry has focused 95% of his work in NET, and through the use and support of Microsoft Products. He has developed and produced Windows Form, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Web applications. As well, he develops Class Libraries, Windows Services, Web Services and many other software projects as needs arise.

Knowledgeable in many languages, in the last decade he has focused his work in the C# and VB NET language dialects, both common to NET Development.

Along with his technical skills, Mr. Landry is a professional trainer and presenter providing learning sessions for both custom software and Microsoft's overall Product line. He has worked as a contract instructor at The Computer Learning Center in his home state of New Hampshire, as well as done training and software presentation all over the country within the scope of hired positions throughout his career.

Mr. Landry is talented at bringing sometimes large and complex-concept understanding to novice and moderately-skilled developers. As well, he trains novice end-users in Microsoft Products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. Whether training and presenting to technical audiences who wish to expand and improve their development techniques, or doing the same for end-users who often, have no computer experience at all, Mr. Landry strives to make such training and presentations understandable,and something the participant can use in the efforts to achieve their own goals in software development.

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