Brittany Nicole Dixon

Bikini Coach at Udemy

I didn't become a self-trained, 2x NPC National Bikini Qualifier sitting on my butt; I had to work it and work for it!

When I merged my fitness interests with my career in tv and film production, I received some amazing opportunities. From training an actress for a nude scene in a major film to hosting a push-up contest for directors, it became clear that fitness and entertainment will always go hand-in-hand. With the production of over 30 YouTube fitness videos, peaking up to .5 million views, I aspired to encourage viewers’ fitness and health curiosity with a fun and inviting “you can do it” attitude. I never use protein shakes or supplements, through which I have developed a better understanding of nutrition, eating habits, and what the body needs to perform daily.

I began work in the bikini field after a client asked that I train her for a competition. Not knowing what I was doing, I agreed to compete with her and walk the path together… the rest is history.

I thrive on challenges - from collegiate Track & Field athlete to Personal Training/Television Production/ Bikini Competing, it’s been a life of dedication, hard work, and personal victories. If there’s any one thing that I can guarantee, it’s that I'm always fit for the job!