Brigitta Schwulst

Coach and Mentor

I have been a coach for over 8 years. I have taught thousands of people how to improve their weight loss, improve their health and well being on any diet. I also teach people how to create their own diet. I am passionate about natural living and crafts, both of which I teach from my home.

My weight loss courses are about understanding your body and how to listen to your body. I teach you in simple terms how the various systems of the body work so that you no longer have to guess about what is really going on or what you need to do to get healthy or to lose weight.

For me crafts are about artistic expression and finding an outlet to relax and express yourself. I teach crochet, amigurumi, sewing and clay sculpture for beginners and advanced students.

I am a published author and speaker and love teaching people how to unleash their unlocked weight loss potential.

I look forward to meeting you soon

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