Professor Brian Town

Director Of Michigan Creative

Trainer Brian Town taught Final Cut and Film Production to Students for fifteen years at Haslett High School, and to groups and teachers all over the country. A recent trip to Apple headquarters allowed him to obtain his Pro Certification.

Now he runs Michigan Creative. A full service training and Marketing company in East Lansing, MI.

“Helping Small Businesses with all of their creative needs."

Here is our credo: Simply, to provide expert creative services to Michigan businesses. We believe in Michigan and know that the spirit of the community and its businesses will drive our local and state economies to new heights. We are a team of talented, creative, thoughtful, and caring people who are passionate about our state and community. We believe in promoting local businesses and work hard every day to provide the very best in customer service, which means we will always be here for you. We value our team of creative professionals, and we foster creativity and leadership in all of them. We are not just a company that creates products for you and goes away. We want to help your company continue along your path of growth, wealth, and success. We feel that if you are successful, so are we, and so is our community and our state. We strive to better ourselves at every turn; therefore, education, leadership and creative training will be an ongoing priority. We value and appreciate our community and understand the vital role you play for our state, and we want you to believe it as well. We will enhance the creative sprit in your company, and your customers will notice. Greater Lansing is the center of this movement of creativity, prosperity and growth, and we want to help take it to the next level. We all live here and plan to stay. Why not make it a truly amazing place to live and work—and prosper?

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