Brian Southers

Filmmaker, Photographer and Video Strategist

I am a filmmaker, photographer and video strategist with over twenty years of production experience and seven years as a certified teacher. My first business was a school photography company. I just so happened to get a gig for an elementary school. I made $7,500 within two hours and I was hooked on school photography. Over the next few years I added 100 additional schools to my business and I kept the business for eight years. After this I became a film and digital media instructor. I have developed curriculum for filmmaking programs and have written a "how to" book that helps youth learn film techniques from "A" to "Z". I understand and can implement all learning styles including kinesthetic, auditory, visual and read/write. I have a degree in filmmaking and finishing my masters in visual effects and animation. I have produce films, documentaries, promotional videos and commercials. I have a thorough understanding of all the popular editing software and I have used most standard production equipment to some capacity. I am great at helping other and getting them to complete their production goals more effectively and efficiently.