Brian James

Coach, Author, Life Architect

Brian James, Author, Speaker, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Personal Trainer, and friend to the hurting.

I love helping people transform their lives through positive changes both mentally and physically.

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Have you been depressed, exhausted, and irritable?

Have you noticed a significant decrease in your motivation and zeal?

Are you completely lost when it comes to how to get to the next level in life?

Have you been putting off exercise and changing your diet because there's never a good time to start?

Do you want to drop 10-20 pounds of fat in 4 weeks?

Is one of your biggest fears being seen in your bathing suit?

Do you struggle with meeting new people?

Do you want to finally be comfortable and confident in your own skin?

*Take my courses, and you'll change your body and your life forever.

When I was younger I was 5'4 and 180lbs, severely bullied, and completely miserable with the way I looked and felt. I had very little self esteem and I repeated to myself the nasty words others said of me. I wasn't a very good friend to myself. These experiences developed many poor heart-programs within me.

Desperate for change, I took to dieting and exercise but I went the completely wrong way about it. I looked at the magazines and online articles and was destined to have a body like them. However during the process, because I didn't understand the fundamentals of heart-programming, my old heart-programs of insecurity did lead me to lose weight! But with eating disorders, over exercise, and mental anguish.

During that time I eventually hired a personal trainer and learned the foundation of health and fitness and began seeing great results. I was able to lose weight effectively and properly and got much quicker benefits than I did without a coach. Later on, I became a personal trainer myself and even entered into a body building competition where I won an award! However, the heart-programs of insecurity were still in charge and were now affecting my romantic relationships.

I enrolled in the John Maxwell Leadership University and learned how the mind works in relation to our feelings and actions. It was there that I began understanding the relationship between what we see of ourselves and how we behave. Your self-image has EVERYTHING to do with what you have in your life. And that's what I now specialize in. As a fitness trainer, I helped my clients see results in their body. And as a coach, I also got to help them see results in their relationships, finances, and outlook on life.

*What is a nice body if you can't hold down a relationship? What is the point of abs if you're continually discouraged about life? These are the questions I specialize in.

Why You May Consider Taking My Courses

If you answered YES to any or all of the questions above, you've come to the right place. I've had training from some of the top coaches in the world on coaching and self-image setting. I've been training for more than a decade and have been doing so professionally for over half of that. I train for all ages and skill levels. No matter your level of experience with personal training or image consulting, my plans can be modified for anyone.

One of my favorite client stories is with my oldest client, a 60 year old female. Not only did she lose over 100lbs with me in one year, but she also did it with Fibromyalgia! She is now looking great, and enjoying her new life traveling the country with her new found boyfriend. Weight loss doesn't just affect your physical health, it affects your social and romantic health as well. All of this is stemmed from how you see yourself.

I've trained and coached with police applicants, fighters, singers, dancers, and even country leaders.

I've written the book Breaking Normal before normal breaks you, a journey of my own struggles and how I overcame them and how you can overcome yours.

I've traveled to over 7 countries around the world teaching various ages of people on leadership and self-image, and one of my most memorable adventures was traveling

to Guatemala City with John Maxwell and 170 other coaches from around the world to work with the President of Guatemala on their National Transformational Leadership Day. There we trained over 15,000 government officials and leaders from the media, education, and even religious community. All in only 3 days!!!

Don't hesitate any longer. It's another new year, new day, and new hour that you could start sculpting the new you. RIGHT NOW!

Lose fat, gain confidence, develop relationships, master your life, and become the best version of you by enrolling in any of my courses. Your body and life are priceless. Take care of them while you can.

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