Brian Hecht

Entertainment Media Executive

Brian Hecht has nearly 20 years experience in the digital media, entertainment, and e-commerce space. For the past 10 years he has been a leader in casting media and technology. In the 1990s he launched one of the very first and most successful casting Websites, which attracted more than 500,000 members.

Brian is currently the Founder and CEO of ClaimFame, LLC a cutting-edge casting Website that helps both new and experienced actors take full advantage of new technologies and social media by offering highly targeted casting calls, sophisticated user profiles, and personalized coaching from casting professionals.

All of Brian's casting ventures have operated on one simple principle: That every actor has the right to trustworthy information and tools that they can use to promote their own career, even if they are just starting out, lack experience, or don't have an agent. The Casting Academy is an extension of that principle, giving actors training in the real-world skills they need to succeed as they pursue their careers and their passions.

Brian is also an entrepreneur who has started many companies employing hundreds of people in the digital technology space. He started his career in journalism, both in print and in television, working at both NBC News and ABC News. He is an accomplished public speaker and has made multiple appearances on MSNBC and PBS.

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