Brian Hazelgren

"Coach Haze"

Brian Hazelgren has 30 years business experience in entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, executive management, philanthropy/cause marketing, and business coaching. He is a globally recognized expert in business planning, strategic planning, cause marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, and has written 10 successful books on business and personal development.

Brian helped develop and teach the curriculum at the University of Utah School of Business for Entrepreneurship and has trained over 3,500 MBA students. Brian has also trained over 40,000 business executives and is an expert in corporate strategy and growth. WIth the training that Brian has developed, he has created over 80 training modules that are used in the entrepreneurial system that is completed with curriculum, books, manuals, training, presentations, competitions and programs. Brian has written hundreds of business plans to launch new ventures and new product operations, and he has Developed the S.O.A.R. Business Assessment Tool that has saved companies over $10 million.

Brian also led a team that raised over $1.2 Billion in charitable donations, and has been instrumental in raising over $500 million to launch new business ventures.

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