Brett Bergen

Founder and Chief Instructor at The Wiseman Institute

I'm completely obsessed with one goal: to show University and University-bound students how to quickly learn and remember virtually anything taught in the classroom.

I wasn’t born with a genius IQ (like most of us!), but I still graduated in the top 2% of my class from Penn State University’s main campus. I completed the Schreyer Honors Program, the Sapphire Accelerated Business Program, two Bachelors of Science degrees, held office in multiple business and charitable organizations, and I landed a great job after graduation under very competitive conditions. I'm now working full time while studying for my Masters at Columbia University.

What did I do differently?  I was determined to have the best possible college experience and still get top scores. So I researched all I could about resource optimization, productivity hacks, and most importantly, how the brain learns and remembers. I ultimately perfected a new learning method that was not only incredibly successful for me, but for everyone else I tutored.

As word quickly spread, more and more students were asking for my help. So I decided to make it easy for anyone to learn how to learn, online. (That is, with a little help from friends, family and Kickstarter backers - 176% of goal met!).

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