Brenda Innes


Brenda Innes is a Theta Healer Practitioner and School Teacher.

Through a near death experience, the healing journey found Brenda. This time, her soul listened to the calling. Brenda’s life experience appeared to be reflecting the inner turmoil.  Brenda discovered after studying and practicing different healing modalities for several years that by transforming patterns and belief systems at a cellular level that no longer served her moving forward in this golden age of opportunity, she has noticed profound changes in her life experience. Potentially by shifting the subconscious beliefs that she is NOT aware of, so they are congruent with the conscious thinking mind, Brenda feels empowered to create her life in alignment with her inner most heart desires, her soul’s journey and Divine Will.

Subsequently, Brenda has come to realize that the world is a mirror… by harmonizing the inner, expanding the Divine presence within- unconditional love and divine wisdom- the essence of who we are, disconnecting from ancestral patterns and belief systems and connecting with beneficial morphogenetic fields, her perceptual reality reflects this transformation.  Brenda has observed changes in so many aspects of her personal and professional life…Relationships to love peace, truth, harmony, healing, abundance, unity, collaboration, miracles and manifestation.

Furthermore, in her Theta healing practice, Brenda has witnessed transformation in her clients both for them and around them including others she interacts with on a daily basis. As when one heals, we all heal and transform.

I would invite you to consider that by Brenda raising her vibration, stepping into her divine power, passion and creativity, a space is created for others to remember why they came here to serve the planet for a higher purpose.

I invite you to join Brenda Innes on the Divine Sacred Journey of:

“Transforming Cellular Memory & Vivifying Your Dreams.”

How does it get any better than that? Re-load and Re-fresh your


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