Brandon Rigney

Retired engineer, stock broker and management consultant

Brandon retired after only 60 years of work experience after college.

While pursuing some delayed gratification of more reading and more learning of subject matter that always interested him, the subject of "reading skills" came to mind again. Without superior reading capabilities, people cannot acquire knowledge of subjects which not only interest them, but may be critical in pursuing their professional careers. Thus, this course was born.

Brandon spent his professional career in several stages: 

First, 20 years as a nuclear and rocket engineer;

Second, 20 years as an investment (stocks and bonds) broker;

Third, 20 years as a sales and management consultant.

The rest of his spare time, he frittered away reading for pleasure, and writing six books, now published on Amazon.

Brandon acquired his engineering degree at MIT; advanced graduate studies in business at the Katz School of Business at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA, and has been a member of MENSA since 1965.

Courses that Brandon Rigney is enrolled in