Bradshaw Leigh

Chief Engineer, MSR Studios NY

Brad Leigh is a recording engineer / technician who has worked in the New York studio scene for over 25 years and currently serves as the Chief Engineer at the prestigious MSR Studios NY (formerly Right Track Recording).

He began his career as an engineer at Phil Ramone’s legendary A&R Recording Studios at the peak of the music industry. Working with Phil over the course of eight years, they recorded multiple platinum and gold selling albums for artists including Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra, and Julian Lennon.

As a freelance engineer, Brad continued to work with top-flight producers including Russ Titleman, Marvin Hamlish, Malcolm McClaren, Davitt Sigerson, and Jimmy Iovine. He has also recorded and mixed projects for Tracy Chapman, Joe Jackson, Carly Simon, Chet Baker, Widespread Panic, and Five For Fighting.

In addition to his album work, Brad also has extensive experience mixing for film and television and live music recording including productions for HBO, Showtime, and ABC TV and has worked with composers such as Dave Grusin, Marvin Hamlish, and Rob Mounsley / Carly Simon when recording film scores for Oscar-nominated movies.

As an audio designer, Brad uses his technical background to design and build products that improve the recording experience. He is responsible for designing and building the custom 18' subwoofers in MSR Studios' A and C rooms, he created a high-quality DVD interface for SACD players, as well as the “Procue” personal headphone mixing system. These products have been incorporated into some of the finest studios in NYC such as Sterling Sound NY, Sony Studios, Hit Factory Recording, and MSR Studios NY.

Brad currently serves as Chief Engineer at New York’s prestigious MSR Studios NY (formerly Right Track Recording). Brad is a member of Audio Engineering Society, and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

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