Brad & Chrissa McDaniel

Yard Sale & Facebook Resale Pros

Brad & Chrissa lead a busy and fun-loving family of 5.  

A while back, they had a 10th anniversary coming up and they wanted to go on a DREAM VACATION!  They needed $3000 in about 6 weeks - which might as well been $1 million!  

So they did a yard sale, but decided that they'd re-think everything about it.  They made $1100 that weekend, selling lots of things that weren't even theirs.  

The next weekend, they tried the "online" yard sales and made $900.  Then the did one more yard sale the following weekend and made $1300.  

That's right...they made $3300 in 18 days flat!  Whoa!  

So they went to the Bahamas and had a BLAST!  Then they came back and kept at it, learning how to make $300-1000 a week selling things they get from The 4 Unlimited Sources of Free Stuff (revealed in the course by that name).  

With an additional $40,000 a year with this little side biz of selling things at offline & online yard sales, they have paid off all their debts and should have enough this year for a new house, new SUVs and a few vacations thrown in.

They feel so, so blessed to have discovered this, can't believe how easy it is and want to teach YOU as well.

Why not join them?  This is SO much fun!

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