Bostjan Belcic

"because you deserve the best"

Welcome! This is the part, where you are supposed to find dazzling facts and information about the "wise guy" selling you his knowledge and expertise. Well, I always found such areas a little bit unpleasant. Why? Maybe it is because I cannot provide pages and pages of former "jobs" and achievements (sorry, no Nobel prize in my resume - yet?).  

I always seemed to be what you would call a "street wise" character. That means, the one who will get the job done when necessary, even with out of the box tools. The one who understands how underdogs must handle a fight (being the underdog most of my carrier - coming from Slovenia - one of the smallest countries in the world).

Even though I started (and successfully completed my education - I am Master in Political Science), I always sought new horizons. Maybe, it was because I was from my childhood on involved in the world of sports. These arenas were excellent learning places for me (you loose, you go home).

 Especially, since I was lucky enough to work with (as a journalist) and met some of the best sportsmen of our time (Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Tina Maze,...) and learned the lesson they respect the most - "you are only as good as your last game".

Udemy (as the world of internet is a new challenge for me). A way and a chance to share my views. My lessons. My way of getting the job done. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, be aware of couple of things. My courses are probably not conventional (they are straight to the point no B...S. with "out of trenches real life approach" and most probably not grammatically perfect considering I am not an english speaking native). I also like to include lessons from the world of sports. 

And, if you are not gone already (reading all of the above weak points), there is also a good news - I like to make sure that the student get the most for his (or her) buck. So, if you are "little out of the box" yourself, you are welcome to take the plunge. If you dare...


Please know that my internet site is still in developing stage.