Dr. Bogdan Robert Ioane

Business Faculty

Bogdan Ioane brings into the classroom a remarkable 16-year track record in the corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic sectors, spanning three continents. He holds an MBA from Tiffin University, USA, and a doctorate from SMC University Switzerland.

Over the last five years, Bogdan has been sharing his knowledge and expertise in Shanghai, working with several universities such as Donghua University, Jiaotong University, Keiser University, Raffles Institute and CEIBS. As a curriculum developer, Bogdan has created and delivered a broad variety of courses and programs spanning a range of business-administration topics.

For Bogdan, teaching provides an opportunity for continuous growth for all those involved. He enjoys working with his students and providing them with opportunities to learn and practice their skills.

Courses that Dr. Bogdan Robert Ioane is enrolled in