Bodhi Horne

Educator. Entrepreneur. Artist. Yogi.

Educating to your Success!

My lessons are to present knowledge, instruction, and inspiration, for people to tap into their own inner genius… and create lives wonderfully lived. I teach to empower you.

I am an Artist by necessity and a Human Catalyst by professional experience.

Beyond that, I am a lover of life, insatiably curious, and compelled to do as I will while I follow my bliss. I stand for individual authenticity, the power of imagination, the quality of attention, and the heart of action.

As a result, most of my endeavors involve raising people’s awareness to influence their behavior towards their desired outcomes. This has been vitally true in my occupations as therapist, reverend, marketer, and teacher.

I’ve worked, and continue to work with the most amazing people, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience; I share lessons to help you make the concentrated vision within you, the radiant reality around you.

"Horne brings heart to projects, and they are always well done. If you are seeking to have a weekly team meeting, or you are seeking 1:1 personal development, you will be well served to work with him. "Keeping a flow increasing" is the best way I can describe his services." - Dr. Ben Mack

When I’m not answering student questions or creating new courses I’m traveling the U.S., learning new things, working on more art, collaborating with fine people, and arousing the wonder of life. Thanks for your interest. Now, go do something awesome.

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