Bob Moesta

Partner at Rewired Group

I am an Innovator (JTBD Method), a Product Developer (+1000 new products), a Businessman (5 Startups), a Mentor, a Student, and a Citizen. I believe there are more opportunities and need for change at hand today than there has been in a long time. The opportunity for change is really about personal INNOVATION. It is time for the world to take full advantage of the over-supply of technology and learn to INNOVATE by applying this technology in new and unique ways.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work directly with some great mentors in Clayton Christensen, Dr. Genichi Taguchi, W. Edwards Deming, and many others.

I was fortunate enough to have been born with a disability in the public's eye, but blessed with a very unique ability in others. This leads me to take a different approach to innovation. I think visually; I mean in HD slow motion, all the time. I can recall any moment in time and slow it down. I do not read like we are taught in school, but i have learned to make a movie with a "group of words." For me, everything is in motion all the time. I have developed this ability and used it to create, manage and commercialize over 1000 different products, technologies, software, and services. I have started, built and sold 4 startups and now I'm starting my 5th. (to my wife's heavy sigh).

After some urging by Clay Christensen at HBS in 2009, Chris Spiek and I started The Re-Wired Group in Detroit Michigan.

I know we can not do this alone. I am passionate about conversing, sharing, and learning.

Specialties: "Jobs-to-be-Done" (JTBD), Innovation Management, New Product Development, User Interface Design, Experience Design, Robust Design, Business Model Design, Portfolio Management, Product Line Architecture, Sales, Marketing, Competitive Strategy, Marketing Research, Branding, Start-ups, Sales Management, Design of Experiments, Data architecture, Data Analysis, Time Management.